When you hire Edica-Garnett Partners, you hire the dedication to excellence and a commitment to satisfying the client…

…Further, Edica-Garnett is unique in the firms we have worked with in that they are willing to stand behind their recommendations through extended engagements in which they will execute the strategies and plans conceived of in their analyses. This willingness to stand behind the conceptual work through to execution speaks to the confidence this team has in the veracity and workability of the strategies and plans they develop.

Zay K. Risinger Jr.
Business Development Director
Performance Materials Division (PMD)
Air Products Corporation

Craig R. Williams
VP Asia-Pacific, PMD
Global Director, TGEE
Air Products Corporation

…We were completely satisfied with the quality of their work throughout the study phase and in its ultimate conclusions. Some highlights of the scope complexity include:

- Global field of view, but requiring a significant North American component
- Technology areas that we could adapt given our Division’s skills and capabilities
- Target acquisitions / investments that would be required to be competitive and successful in the opportunity space
- Cost of entry had to manageable in the context of the Division versus the corporation
- The segment / offerings had to be compatible with the Arm & Hammer brand equity i.e., some markets and segments could easily cause conflict

Edica-Garnett understood the mission, conducted a comprehensive study of possibilities and put in place a rigorous ranking system to prioritize the opportunities, including objective knock-outs. We were particularly happy with their level of communication and transparency during the entire study. I have no qualms in recommending them for projects of this nature.

Joe Sipia
Church & Dwight Corporation
Specialty Products Division

I am writing this testimonial relative to the outstanding ‘work’ done by Edica-Garnett Partners, LLC, in support of start-up business efforts while I was Global Business Development Director at NOVA Chemicals. Specifically, I will focus on the outstanding ‘in country’/ ‘on the ground’ work done in India relative to developing and executing a strategy in support of what came to be a very successful joint venture between NOVA Chemicals and Reliance Industries (the largest corporation in India).
Edica developed an entry strategy and supporting analysis including potential mechanisms for entering the market, which included alliance partners, etc. They challenged our predisposition/bias towards existing acquisition targets and alliance partners. This process helped us make the best decisions relative to the firm we worked with, how we worked with them and where we placed manufacturing assets. The result of executing this rigorous approach is a successful ‘profitable’ composite building products business located in the New Delhi area with a state of the art manufacturing and distribution network.
Edica differs from the larger firms in a very key way:

  • They have expertise and can ‘bring to bear’ this expertise through regionally experienced content experts such that strategic insights and recommendations can be executed across a business plan.
  • They make recommendations for implementing the entry strategy to a level of granularity that includes key tasks, resourcing, regulatory ‘watch outs’, key hurdles (cultural issues), etc. that can make the difference between executing on time, on budget and on specification in the downstream chemical/polymer products manufacturing business.

David Cowan
Global Business Development Director
Nova Chemicals

Edica-Garnett Partners was engaged to assist Röchling with the due diligence process related to an acquisition we were pursuing in North America... we wanted to confirm that this competitive position was sound and could be enhanced and that the end-markets would support a new high-growth participant. We also had questions about the technology, engineering, operations and marketing activities of the company and asked EGP to provide insights into these areas based on their knowledge of similar firms. In summary:

  • EGP offered significant insight into the markets and competition we were interested in penetrating
  • EGP and their entire staff were very knowledgeable and extremely responsive and they addressed not only our major areas of concern, but also added insight in areas that were quite beneficial to our understanding of the target company and the growth opportunity
  • EGP worked for us under a very aggressive time constraint and delivered promptly and effectively
  • EGP has continued to support us after the project in all areas where we have requested advice
  • David and Marc brought both a process / approach and also personal knowledge and insights that were enhanced significantly by the input from their colleagues, a very competent group of experts!

Röchling is continuing to grow in attractive markets and will continue to look to EGP for support.

Lewis H. Carter
Röchling Engineering Plastics

Snow Phipps (and predecessor firms of our key principals) have utilized the consulting services … to provide market structure, market dynamics and competitive insights, as well as technology and raw material assessments related to due diligence on industrial processes targets. The firm has assisted in early due diligence, provided focused support during bid preparation and conducted a variety of tasks during final due diligence efforts.
As a smaller firm with very experienced staff, EGP is able to provide us with very smart scope structuring. In addition, EGP has been very precise in insuring that the questions that we've asked have been answered.

Sean Epps
Snow Phipps Group, Partner