Edica-Garnett Partners is led by a strong leadership team supported by some 20 Associates in the United States, each with decades of global experience across industry sectors. It is further supported through our deployment of approximately 50 men and women within our overseas partner groups… all of whom integrate within larger EGP project teams and are directly/hands-on managed by the EGP leadership team. Team Bios are provided to clients for each proposed engagement.


Marc E. Kalton, Managing Director

Mr. Kalton has over 35 years of international experience and specializes in advising multinationals, emerging market companies and private equity firms on mergers & acquisitions, global and regional strategies & their execution, business development initiatives and operational issues surrounding global supply chain effectiveness and organizational structure. He also oversees EGPs alliances partners in Emerging Markets and Japan. He has extensive experience working with Governments and Government owned corporations in developing Master Plans for economic growth, the execution of these plans, project financing, advising on direct investments and JVs/Alliances to acquire know-how, technology and extend market reach.

His international experience includes North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. His industry experience includes materials (i.e., chemicals, polymers and advanced materials), the energy and petrochemical sectors, life sciences (i.e., pharma & pharma intermediates and diagnostic equipment), the food industry (i.e., ingredients, agricultural protein, texturants and related and food safety diagnostics), bio-materials, industrial & industrial materials (i.e., metals & mining, manufacturing & automotive), the environmental sector (i.e., air and water) and Asian outsourcing of both manufactured products and services.

Prior to co-establishing Edica-Garnett Partners, he was a Partner and Market Director, Asia-Pacific for Arthur D. Little’s Chemicals & Polymers Practice with both management and client advisory responsibilities. Mr. Kalton was also a Partner at Chem Systems, with responsibilities in both Asia-Pacific and Latin America, Planning Director at Belco Petroleum and held a variety of financial and business development positions at Union Carbide Corporation. Mr. Kalton is also Managing Director of Edica LLC, which focuses on real estate, cross-border transactions and capital raising unrelated to the consulting business. Mr. Kalton received a B.A. in International Affairs and a B.S. in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering from CCNY. He has a Masters in International Business & Politics from NYU. He currently sits on the Board of AATC, a natural resource company with assets in Brazil and in the past has held Board positions with companies in India, Israel and the US, in businesses ranging from energy, to pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agricultural products and emerging market retail. In the latter he developed the concept and strategy to what became a Home Depot concept in India and a Harvard Business School case study. Mr. Kalton is an active member of the Société de Chimie Industrielle American Section.

David A. Hurwitz, Managing Director

Mr. Hurwitz focuses on specialty chemicals, advanced materials and fine chemical industries, and assists clients in strategic planning, market and technology assessment, innovation, market entry, and M&A assignments. The latter ranges from search to due diligence to post-merger integration planning.
Mr. Hurwitz has been active advising clients in strategy and execution related to chemical and materials, including thermoplastic and thermoset composites, plastics compounding, polymer additives for PVC, olefins and styrenics, plasticizers, TPEs, paint resins and emulsions, adhesives, silicones, pigments and colorants, oleochemicals and derivatives (metallic stearates, polyolesters and lubricants), natural preservatives, biocides, flavors & fragrances, ink jet, UV curing, epoxies,, surfactants, fine chemicals, textile chemicals, wine ingredients, styrenics, forest products, electronic chemicals, ceramics, thermoset resins, packaging, scaffolding systems and excipients. He has also conducted M&A/Alliances and due diligence in the life sciences area, including pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.
Prior to Edica-Garnett, Mr. Hurwitz worked for over fifteen years in chemical industry consulting, including ten years with the Chemical Industry Practice at Arthur D. Little, Inc., where he was the Global Knowledge Principal for the Specialty Chemicals Sector and for seventeen years in various industry positions with DeSoto, Inc., Union Carbide Corporation, and Pioneer Plastics Corporation. At DeSoto he was national sales manager for metal and appliance finishes and worked in automotive plastic finishes, vinyl industrial coatings, paper coatings and in rad-cure technologies.
Mr. Hurwitz received a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University, an M.S. degree in material science from Washington University, and an M.B.A. degree from the University of Chicago. He is an active member of AIChE, ACS and the Société de Chimie Industrielle American Section.

Tom Hambleton, Senior Associate and Director of Technology and Innovation

Mr. Hambleton’s professional interests are in the areas of technology & innovation, R&D planning, project selection / portfolio optimization, product/package innovation, strategic development programs and product strategy.
Prior to working with Edica-Garnett Partners Mr. Hambleton was a Director of Arthur D. Little’s Technology & Product Development practice where he led major programs focused on business growth through new products, services, enhanced operational productivity and investments in new material. He specializes in consulting with companies to identify and define “Big Impact” innovations and apply “Project Selection Models” to optimize their technology/new product pipeline.

Joseph Sabatini, Senior Associate and Director of Metals, Mining & Manufacturing

Mr. Sabatini consults globally to Corporations and governments in the areas of project feasibility, technology based economic development, M&A due diligence, business formation and corporate development as it relates to metals, mining, advanced materials, manufacturing and infrastructure development. He has 22 years of experience in the materials and allied industries as an engineer, a consultant and an executive.
Previously, he was a Director with Arthur D. Little and an executive in a technology development company. He has a BS in Engineering from Columbia University, an MS in Materials Engineering from Northeastern University. In addition, he has taken graduate and executive level courses in finance and management from Harvard and the University of Virginia. He is a member of the Metallurgical Society and the Association for Iron and Steel Technology.

Renee Flesch, Senior Associate and Director of the Food Practice

Renee specializes in providing strategy development, market opportunity analysis and technology planning to the food, food ingredients and nutraceutical industries. She works with the major food and food ingredients companies in the US and Europe where she helps them with strategy planning, the development of new food products, acquisitions, the introduction of new food technologies and numerous technology and market assessments in food and food ingredient technologies, food supplements and nutraceuticals. Special expertise includes flavors, high-intensity sweeteners, hydrocolloids, texturants, bulking agents, soluble fibers, agricultural proteins and nutrition-related ingredients.
Renée has twelve years prior experience consulting to the food, food ingredient and pharmaceutical industries with Arthur D. Little. She has B.S. in Food Science from Rutgers University. She is also a Board member for the Food Science Advisory Council at Rutgers University.

Dr. Kannan Vembu, Senior Associate and Director of the Environmental Practice

Dr. Vembu has extensive consulting experience in water, wastewater, and environmental technologies and assessment of novel and emerging treatment technologies for investment, commercialization, and technology-based growth programs, market opportunity analysis, and implementation globally in water, wastewater, and membrane-based separation systems. His experience in remediation includes bioremediation and hands-on experience in environmental technologies evaluation for commercialization and for growth through acquisitions with practical approach to projects and process development, and environmental due diligence. He has worked in over 45 countries with technology developers, end users, financial institutions, VCs, and law firms to provide objective third-party assessments. He has excellent knowledge of industries and relevant rules and regulations. Dr. Vembu has expertise in pumps and related equipment, micro filtration, ultrafiltration, activated carbon adsorption, air and water filtration, ozonation, incineration, plasma treatment of wastes, and odor control via biofiltration, thermal oxidation, chemical oxidation, adsorption, and absorption.
Kannan was a Post-Doctoral Fellow, Biochemical Engineering – Drexel University and has a Ph.D., Biochemical Engineering, I.I.T., New Delhi, India, an M.S. Chemical Engineering Plant Design and a B.S. Chemical Engineering